Recommended Medical Equipment

All items advertised on this website I have personally reviewed to be the best of the best! That said, before buying an item, consider whether you are really going to use it!

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Essential Purchases

A good quality stethoscope is essential to learn the different sounds. 

Recommended: Littmann Classic II S.E.
Not yet reviewed the new version: Littmann Classic III S.E.

Pen Torches
Although many people on the ward may use their phone, there's two major issues with this. Practically, you may miss pathology as you want a narrow angle beam. Wide angles, may for example, cause a direct response when testing for a consensual during pupil reflexes. Additionally, it may really upset a patient as they worry in case you're recording.

Recommended: Steel Watch by Timesco, Red Watch by Reliance

Reflex hammer
Strongly recommend a telescoping one over a full length hammer as portability is essential. Most wards should have one, but I still highly recommend purchasing to use on each other to practice the neurological examination. 

Recommended: TBC

Consider Purchasing

Fob Watch
Useful for keeping track of time, measuring observations or timing for a urine dip. They're more useful for medical students than doctors as the above tasks are infrequently done once qualified. Many go without, so consider strongly whether you will use it before purchasing one!

Recommended: Navy Blue Silicone by Timesco

Power Bank
Often on the wards, your phone/tablet will run out of battery. Carrying a power bank means you can keep your phone going for when you're likely to need it most! Pick the size below that suits your bag.

Recommended: EasyAcc 10,000mAh Slim, EasyAcc 10,000mAh Fast Charge & Compact

For moving out/extra items